“I have known James Leitz for 20 years and I have been fortunate enough to witness his great ability to teach, his ability to listen to his students, and I know he is one of the hardest working individuals I know. He impresses me with his dedication to everyone that he instructs. James is not satisfied thinking he's finished learning about golf and he has always shown me that he wants to continue learning to become one of the finest golf instructors.”
13 Worldwide Professional Wins

"James Leitz is considered the ultimate teacher for teachers in the golf industry. His knowledge has proven to be spot on when it comes to working with beginners or with TOUR Professionals. It is not a surprise to see other golf instructors recognize his unique philosophies." "I consider James Leitz an unknown talent in the world of golf instruction. Having known him for over 20 years, it is exciting to see others benefit from his coaching. If you get the opportunity to work with James, your game, your technique, your knowledge will all be better." "James Leitz will soon become one of the most recognized golf instructors in the world. He does not teach with smoke and mirrors. It's about passion, knowledge and technical expertise. Whether you are a beginner or a PGA TOUR player James can take you to the next level."
PGA Tour Professional

“It has been said that one must achieve 10,000 hours to become a master at one’s endeavors. James Leitz has many more than 10,000 hours in his quest to find the deepest truths contained within the game of golf. His passion and untiring quest for excellence, combined with the love he has for his students, make him one of the most respected and qualified teachers in the game of golf.”
Abita Springs Louisiana

“Whether you are an amateur, a Major Championship winner or Golf Instructor, It doesn't take long to realize that what you get from James is the most practical and up to date information on what you, as an individual, should do to improve. While science isn't necessarily the answer, everything that James defines and recommends is based on science, which means...it works. It amazes me that someone with his level of expertise can communicate such intricate and elaborate concepts in a simple and comprehensible manner. James is committed to improving the level of precision in each player's impact alignments. He will not take a chance on producing the defective results that come from a superficial, cosmetic approach that exclusively focuses on golf swing mechanics. The most important benefit is that his students understand what is happening, why it is that way and exactly what they need to do to get to the next level.”
P.G.A Golf Professional

“I have learned from James Leitz for 25 years.I am always impressed with his passion to continue to fully understand the golf swing. He has spared no effort or expense to obtain the latest greatest information and technology. I am most impressed by his judgement in knowing the student well enough to give the appropriate advice for their present skill level. Anyone can benefit from James be it a teaching professional or amateur golfer.”
New Orleans Louisiana

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