“I might be James’s longest tenured student. My first golf lesson was with James in 1990. James has used his passion for the art of teaching and the physics of the golf swing to provide the best knowledge and information to his students, no matter the skill level. He not only provided me with the technical knowledge of how to self diagnose swing issues on the range and during tournaments in high school, college and at the mini-tour level, but also provided me with the mental confidence to execute changes through perfect practice routines. James encouraged me to trust in my ability as it pertains to the golf swing and mental development that he watched develop over the years. James is a dear friend and mentor for life.”
President, Pinewood Country Club

“I have had the privilege of having James Leitz as my friend and golf instructor for the last 15 years. He has taught me more about how to “properly” deliver the clubface into the golf ball than I ever thought possible. James primarily deals in matters that he can measure. The Trackman golf monitoring system and James were made for one another. He taught me many valuable things such as a correct swing plane, spine angle, kinematic sequencing, etc. One of those things is the value of gathering data and how to interpret the effect of the data on the quality of my swing and impact with the golf ball. One of the smartest things I ever did was to take golf lessons from James Leitz! He is the consummate golf instructor. I am retired now and will be able to truly enjoy playing golf the rest of my life because of him. I highly recommend golf lessons from him to anyone who really wants to improve their golf game. He has truly enriched my life and my golf game. I cannot thank him enough.”
Pensacola Florida

“James’ teaching style is fun for me to watch in action, I have sent many of my High school golfers to James from advanced to beginners. The transition of each player in just one hour with James is amazing. He adjusts the most important piece then works on the puzzle like a kid with a new toy! . The manner in which he watches, verifies with technology and then communicates back to the player is unmatched. I learned a few years ago after watching James work with my son Stephen that teaching the golf swing is best left to a professional. James is a stud in every way, he loves what he does with a passion, he is down to earth and his complete knowledge of the golf swing makes him my number one choice for any golfer seeking to better their game, reach their full potential and understand their swing fully. James makes each student feel special in the way that he relates and communicates with them. Regardless of their level he takes their game seriously and gives them his full attention.”
Northlake Christian Head Golf Coach

“James Leitz is a miracle worker. I have taken lessons from other pros when I get myself into an old bad habit, but only James can dissect my swing and find the source of the issue immediately. He is easy to understand and has an innate ability to teach in terms everyone can relate to. Plus….he is fun to work with. James is heads above the other pros I have worked with. My handicap went from the high teens to 13 in short order after a couple of lessons with James.”
Mandeville, LA

“James has been a mentor to top level instructors and players in the southern part of America for decades. The golf world probably thinks he came from out of nowhere, his friends know it started 30 years and 20,000 hours ago.”
P.G.A. Teaching Professional

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